jean clerté




Hand in mirror


Great is the temptation to start with “once upon a time”.


There was a child who found the world dull, narrow, and so repetitive. Armed with his pencils, he re-draws it with his language of colors a fanciful fairy world full of people half-animal, half-plant.


Jean Clerté had become a painter.


He blew up matter, he expanded the universe to listen to the jubilant and facetious world that inhabited him.


It takes skill and talent, a great talent to be both naive and virtuoso, candid and subtle, tender and ferocious. He has been able to transform the strange into everyday life, fear into beauty, eroticism into voracity under the gaze of the moon, permanent in his work.


Why do we follow this fabulist, where does he leads us ?

His creations draw out as much from our childhood dreams as from our adult fear.

Jean Clerté does not belong to any movement no school his instinct has guided his hand this hand in mirror of the universe


Fellow of Pierre Alechinski or Zao Wou Ki, Jean Clerté has a long career littered with honors and recognition