Kré mbaye



Amdy Keve Mbaye says "KRE"


KRE is a mythical, enigmatic and unclassifiable painter.

Coming from the second generation of artists from the Dakar School, the Museum of Black Civilizations paid tribute to him in 2019 in the superb exhibition dedicated to this pictorial movement formulated by President Senghor in the 1960s.


KRE was born in 1949 in the medina of Dakar “the city Muse” where he became friends with the painters Mamadou Niang, Pierre Lods, or Papa Ibra Tall.

He died there in 2014.


KRE, with a dissolute life, painter of silence, admired for his creativity and the brilliance of his colors, fed through his inexhaustible inspiration a whole generation of artists.






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