Pierre Zufferey



"Today, i'll go outdoors and shut up" he wrote in his Black Book.

Even indirectly, nature always played and essential role in his painting.

He is in himself nature. He melts inside her, get impregnated by its rhythms and colors, sinks in its movements and energies, it intoxicates him with its shadows and lights, it softens with its quiet. He becomes rock, grass, lake, water drop, lake, cloud, breath ...

He is still this inherently anxious being who is fueled with instinct and emotion, and who needs to project himself outward to try to capture the pulsations of the world ...

Born on the 9th of september 1969 in Sierre, Valais, Switzerland. Lives and works in Sierre. Swiss Visarte member. Exhibits often in Switzerland and outside and the subject of many publications






6 Traverse de la gendarmerie