What ?

This is not a gallery, this is a way of life!

In early June, the IHoffmann Gallery will open in Saint-Tropez, a sign of a new artistic wave in the local landscape. A surprising exhibition space acting as a crossroads of cultures and décor to festive and unusual meetings: IHoffmann Gallery displays its difference. Located opposite the Hotel de Paris, gray paving and sleek design, this magnificent space has the will of its founder.

Why ?

A desire in exhibiting artists whose work has been recognized in various international institutions, with whom friendships have been forged. The desire to promote new talents, already announcing the recurrence of certain themes for the next year, the art of Western-Africa in particular.

Who ?

Choices which owe nothing to chance but are on the contrary the fruits of meetings.

A story of meetings between Inès Hoffmann and this fishing village which has a scent of childhood to her. The culmination of a life of musical, literary, pictorial travel where art brings a salutary alternative to the daily task of existence.

Where ?

A Mediterranean shore, a source of inspiration for Signac, Dunoyer de Segonzac, Colette and so many others, a peninsula that seduces with its colors like those it highlights today.

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6 Traverse de la gendarmerie

83990 Saint-Tropez FRANCE

Tel: 0033611805823

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